Accessible React

I have done a lot of inaccessible code during the years. I'm ashamed to admit, but I am one of those people who created buttons out of divs. I never thought about the accessibility aspects or cared about keyboard users. The reason for this was pure ignorance. I had no idea about those things. That's why I want to make a difference and provide some resources for developers like me to learn and create a more accessible web.

Example components on this site are React code and are based on Design patterns Opens an external site in WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices. They introduce the keyboard interaction expected from the widgets and aria-states, roles, and properties, making the components more accessible.

I created this site to support blog posts I'm writing about these design patterns, and the best way to consume this website is to do it with the blog posts. You can find a link to each post addressing that particular widget from that component's page.

I'm still on the learning journey, so if you see something that you feel is wrong, please contact me through Twitter Opens an external site and let me know!

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